Signed Copy of Mushrooms of Cascadia



Autographed Copy of

Mushrooms of Cascadia by

Michael Beug

Be honest, do you identify mushrooms by looking or reading? It really helps to do both, but the detailed descriptions that take up two-thirds of the space in most mushroom field guides are rarely read. An illustrated key makes identification much easier and faster; and allows for more species to be covered in a smaller sized book.

  • Contains over 900 illustrated species

  • Over 1000 color photographs

  • Covers coastal Alaska to central California, inland to Idaho, with an emphasis on the mushrooms of Cascadia

  • Weighs about 1 pound and at less than 6" x 9" easily slips into any backpack!

For each species the combination of pictures, keys and comments will provide you with all of the critical features needed for identification, plus the range, fruiting time, habitat and edibility.

Price: $29.95
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