The Prophetess by Chelan Harkin - Signed Copy


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The Prophetess by 
Local author Chelan Harkin

This book is released in Sept. 2024
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About the Book

A powerful retelling and continuation of Kahlil Gilbran's The Prophet, this book of prose poetry examines life's deeper meaning and spirituality with the Divine Feminine as a guide.

The Prophetess is a modern take on Kahlil Gibran's classic 1923 book, The Prophet. The beautiful verse explores the power and timeless wisdom of the Divine Feminine. The Prophetess invites readers into the core of life's most meaningful subjects and offers a taste of a more spiritually fulfilling way to relate to ourselves and the world. This book boldly and astutely encourages the creative redefinition of old patterns of thought that our lives may more closely align with beauty and truth. The Prophetess offers permission to explore a new paradigm characterized by acknowledgment of our light, the claiming of our gifts, and the embrace of our wholeness.

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