Curious Gorge by Scott Cook

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Curious Gorge by Scott CookCurious Gorge 4th Edition is primarily a hiking guide to the Gorge, but with a twist. The author also includes many places the typical hiking guide leaves out — the drive-to viewpoints, trail-less excursions to hidden waterfalls, places to watch salmon spawn, or gorge oddities such as the Trout Lake Ice Cave.

Written by a local author Scott Cook , this guide book is one of the most popular books about the Columbia Gorge.  It includes hiking information for Oregon and Washington sides of the Gorge and it also has fun information and history about the Gorge.

"Curious Gorge by Scott Cook is an excellent local guide book that takes you beyond the obvious, traffic-choked viewpoints to some of the area's most beautiful and intriguing locations.  An essential checklist for locals, seasonal visitors, or anyone willing to get beyond the latte stand at Multnomah Falls and do some exploring!"  -Lisa, Waucoma Bookstore

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