A Book About Film

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A Book About a Film is a matchless thriller revolving around the low-budget neo-noir movie called The Cornfield People , which follows journalist Joe Fischer as he investigates the titular group.  The Cornfield People are a secret society who konw the meaning of life and what comes after death.  It is essential to the Cornfield People that their knowledge remain hidden from outsiders, and they will stop at nothing to protect their secret.  

Author C. W. Schultz's fourth novel surveys censorship thorugh the means of violence.  This unforgettable saitre on film-criticism immediately grips the reader through with a double-narrative, one acting as a novelization of the movie while the other examines the film's hidden messages, motifs and haunting obscurity. 

About the Author
C. W. Schultz's writing experience includes novels, blogs, commercials, plays and film.  Some of his notable works include: Yeval (2007), his debut novel that the Utica Public Library put on their list of Guy Lig, alongside other contemporary classics; Birdie Basics (2008), a Seattle Post-Intelligencer blog about bird care; Watch (2012), a film that was recognized as the 1st Runner Up for the Director's Choice Award at the Gig Harbor Film Festival; and most recently, "The Stairwell", a short-story that was featured in Sirens Call Publications.  

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