Darryl Lloyd - Ever Wild: A Lifetime on Mount Adams

Event date: 
09/05/2018 - 6:30pm

Darryl Lloyd
author of 
Ever Wild: A Lifetime on Mount Adams
Weds., Sept. 5th, 6:00pm
at Columbia Center for the Arts


CCA, Waucoma Bookstore, and Carpe Diem Books are thrilled to welcome Darryl Lloyd into the CCA Theatre to launch his book tour of Ever Wild: A Lifetime on Mount Adams. Darryl first explored the foot of Mount Adams as a toddler on the loose, but he and his twin brother, Darvel, have been earnestly hiking and climbing since boyhood, and they’ve spent most of their adult lives inviting others to join in. His comprehensive knowledge of Mount Adams is highly regarded by leaders in diverse scientific disciplines.

Through a personal journey spanning seven decades, Darryl cemented his place in the sweeping story of the mountain. He is the foremost authority on this northern Cascades massif, a sometimes overlooked, but never forgotten, hulk of a mountain known as Pahto to its earliest inhabitants. Growing up on a ranch at the mountains base, Lloyd devoted his life to learning the mountain, observing the ebb and flow of its glaciers, photographing the play of light, wandering lush meadows, and ol-growth forests, hiking boulder-strewn slopes and scaling icefalls…and showing the way for those who’ve followed.

Ever Wild is a mix of adventure memoirs with enlightening doses of human history, geography, geology, botany, and a call for protection. This event is free to the community, with a public book signing to follow. Beer and wine available for purchase.

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Event address: 
Columbia Center for the Arts
215 Cascade Ave
Hood River, OR 97031