Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel (Hardcover)

Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel By Judy Bohning, Elizabeth Ann Atkins (Editor) Cover Image

Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel (Hardcover)


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She survived the deadly MGM casino fire in Las Vegas... a train wreck... a car crash with a truck on an icy mountain... sexual assault... and many more traumas.

Now, in Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel, former Hollywood costume designer Judy Bohning shares her harrowing tales and the mindset that's enabled her to survive and thrive despite these horrific experiences.

Throughout it all, she credits her guardian angel with protecting her in moments that could have been her last. This book will make you laugh, cry, and cherish life with newfound fortitude and gratitude.

More than 20 years ago, Judy remembers actor Martin Sheen urging her to write her remarkable life story in a book.

At the time, she was writing a screenplay about her extraordinary experiences, but shifted gears to compose Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel.

Now, after an illustrious career of working with actresses such as Bette Davis and Betty White, and designer Bob Mackie, Judy reflected and wrote about the catastrophes that she survived over the decades.

Judy is sharing her stories that reference her protector, Guardian Angel Bob, to show that it's possible to survive impossible situations and come out stronger for it.

In this first of a series of books about her unique survival stories, Judy hopes that readers will be inspired to stay strong when circumstances seem insurmountable, and when painful struggles inspire the question, "Why me?"

Judy has asked this question, over and over, with each shocking experience of her life, and believes she has survived to share her stories and show others that they, too, can beat the odds to come away from crisis with gratitude, humility and a powerful passion for living life to the fullest.

Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel will give you all of the above, so read and enjoy

Product Details ISBN: 9781956879223
ISBN-10: 1956879226
Publisher: Two Sisters Writing and Publishing LLC
Publication Date: January 21st, 2023
Pages: 190
Language: English