Intuitive Archery - The art of not standing in your own way (Paperback)

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Intuitive archery depends extremely on the art to not stand in your own way. It is not the one and only technique to hit a target, nor is it the perfect arrow or bow. It's more the archers ability to keep repeating his shooting performance again and again in the same way. And at the same time he must train his intuition, which tells him how far the target is away and in which angle he has to hold his bow. Therefore archery is is a very difficult matter - small causes have big impacts.This book addresses the advances archer, who already knows how to hold a bow, tense a string and shoot and who has a basic idea about the equipment.It provides him means to train his intuition and helps to understand why he hits or not.The author discovered his love for intuitive archery in 2006. He combines different techniques from meditation and autogenous training with archery. His is sharing his experience and expertise in individual coachings and on his youtube-channel with likeminded people.
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ISBN: 9781699818657
ISBN-10: 1699818657
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 14th, 2019
Pages: 120
Language: English