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By 1989 the majority of African nations have gained liberation from colonial rule. One by one, as these countries throw off the mantle of white European oppression, the pressure on others increases. In south Africa this only hardens the intransigence of the white rulers. The Republic of South Africa eventually remains as the last white minority dominated nation in Africa. A nation is about to explode. In an attempt to lower the levels of violence, the moderate South African leaders begin negotiations to loosen the reins of apartheid. Allowing black Africans into the government is seen as a better option than having terrorism tear the nation apart. But, as with all periods of change, not everyone is happy with their new plans. The hard liners of apartheid, within the secret police and ruling government, are out to maintain their power. They form an unholy alliance with the communist forces of the black liberation army under the control of Russia's Colonel Petrov. Thus a 'Third Force' is formed within the country of South Africa, but controlled by outsiders. The 'Third Force" is bent on increasing tensions and violence between the black African tribes and white Africans ruling the country. The Fascist Afrikaners believe that black violence will provoke a backlash from the white community and allow apartheid to be reinstated in full force. The Communists believe that this same violence will result in a black African uprising. They want chaos so they can take complete control of the country and kick out the whites. As the wedge of racial hatred and violence increases within South Africa, one man has the knowledge to expose the perpetrators and wipe them out. That man is Jacob Nkwe, code named 'Zulu' by the CIA. Jacob is the head of a deep cover CIA operation. His network has uncovered intelligence on the 'Third Force' that can destroy its leaders and show their Russian connections. But the opposition is not impotent. They carry out an audacious attack that wipes out Jacob's unit. Now he's on the run, dodging death and going into hiding in Namibia. After almost a year, he's trying to make a come-back to bring in his critical intelligence. In the process he has to carry and deliver a king's ransom in blood diamonds to terrorist gun runners. A price is one his head. Somehow he's got to cross the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Swamp and in time to stop a bloody revolution. The other side is waiting for him. Colonel Petrov, is that other side. He leads Russia's plans to control the government of South Africa. He's a pro, having stirred up revolution in Africa for decades. Petrov seems to have his fingers in every pot. His plans of assassination, intimidation and guerilla strikes can change the fate of a nation. If only Petrov can stop Zulu, then South Africa will dissolve into racial warfare. He has his inside people already in place to move in and take control. Although Jacob is on his own, the CIA is calling in assistance. Jacques D'anjou, born in the Congo, son of a French mercenary and animal collector is a man of the bush. He's been a pinch hitter for the CIA throughout Africa. Now he's on point to facilitate Zulu's rescue. He'll have to move fast to pull it off and outwit Colonel Petrov's minions who are already in the field. Backing up Jacques is Sue Ferrell, fledgling CIA agent. Her spying on Petrov's plans puts the rescue in jeopardy. How she reacts and fights back will determine the success or failure of that mission. She's resourceful and tough, but Petrov is no push-over. The spells of a native witch doctor, the spying by a traitor, the cryptic love life of secret police agent Debbie Kotzee and the quirks of psychopathic killer, Horst Grobler all come together to round out this tale of a nation's destiny. Will South Africa survive to see a black President take power? Who can prevent the nation from dissolving into a genocidal civil war?

About the Author

Richard McBee has been a secondary school principal and teacher for over thirty years in the international and local schools of South America, Africa, Europe and the U.S. His keen interest in Africa began in the 1950's when his father read aloud African tales to the family. This interest led him to volunteer for the Peace Corps in 1965 and he was stationed as a volunteer in Cameroon teaching Biology from 1966 - 68. In 1973 he returned to Africa as a United Methodist Church Missionary, working as a teacher and headmaster at Maun Secondary School through 1976. He returned to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia in 2015 in order to stimulate his final writing of The Ghosts of Ukuthula. He has written three other books: Beachcomber Seashells of the Caribbean, 2014, Rough Enough, 2013 and Kalahari, 1995. In addition to his teaching and administrative career work, Rick has served as a soldier in the U. S. Army from 1969 - 1970, been a farm hand and worked as a guide at Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park in Montana. Rick earned his first Master's Degree in Zoology from Montana State University in 1972, and his second Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Alabama in 1994. He currently lives with his wife Jill in Hood River, Oregon. He loves scuba diving, skiing, hikings, gardening, orienteering, reading and of course writing.
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