There Goes the Neighborhood (Hardcover)

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There Goes the Neighborhood (Hardcover)


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“This book is vibrant and alive. The teens and the community come alive as they rally save their neighborhood from gentrification and eviction. Rhea and her friends are so vividly drawn, one can’t help but root for the community to rise.”
— Audrey Huang, Belmont Books, Belmont, MA

Winner of the 2024 Coretta Scott King John Steptoe New Talent Award

A raised fist against the destructive forces of gentrification and a love letter to communities of color everywhere, Jade Adia's unforgettable debut tells the darkly hilarious story of three best friends willing to do whatever it takes to stay together.

The gang is fake, but the fear is real.

Rhea’s neighborhood is fading away—the mom-and-pop shops of her childhood forced out to make space for an artisanal kombucha brewery here, a hot yoga studio there. And everywhere, the feeling that this place is no longer meant for her. Because while their little corner of South L.A. isn’t perfect, to Rhea and her two best friends, it’s something even more important—it’s home. And it’s worth protecting.

But as more white people flock to their latest edgy, urban paradise for its cheap rent and sparkling new Whole Foods, more of Rhea’s friends and family are pushed out. Until Rhea decides it’s time to push back. Armed with their cellphones and a bag of firecrackers, the friends manipulate social media to create the illusion of gang violence in their neighborhood. All Rhea wanted to do was protect her community. Her friends. Herself. No one was supposed to get hurt. No one was supposed to die. 

But is anyone ever really safe when you’re fighting power with fear?
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jade Adia writes stories about gentrification, Black teen joy, and the sh*tshow that is capitalism. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Ethnicity, Race & Migration, and a certificate in Human Rights. She recently survived law school, graduating with a specialization in Critical Race Studies. She is the author of There Goes the Neighborhood, which won the 2024 Coretta Scott King John Steptoe New Talent award, and Our Shouts Echo
Product Details ISBN: 9781368084321
ISBN-10: 136808432X
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Publication Date: March 7th, 2023
Pages: 432
Language: English
"A charming and beautiful ode to found family, nerdy Black girls, and urban communities everywhere surviving and thriving despite it all.”——Ashley Woodfolk, New York Times best-selling co-author of Blackout and Whiteout

"A transcending story of what it looks like to be uprooted and how far you'll go to stay intact. Beautifully done and laced with the constant reminder of how friends aren't only family, they're also home."——Britney S. Lewis, author of The Undead Truth of Us

"Equally strong in its magnetic messiness and potent candor, the novel plunges into discussions of youth activism, capitalism-fueled displacement, and racism’s myriad forms with fierce vision and conviction. A robust cast of characters diverse across various dimensions gives voice to contemporary perspectives on community-oriented social justice and performative wokeness . . . this one’s a much-needed read. Plain terrific."——Kirkus Reviews

"In this riveting portrait of community care, debut author Adia paints the pain, danger, and consequences of gentrification with visceral clarity, highlighting changes such as displacement and fractured families via Rhea’s biting and witty voice and her unwavering loyalty to her hometown."——Publishers Weekly

"Outstanding. This book packs such a fierce, fantastic punch in the best possible way. I devoured it and still wanted more. Alive with love and fully awake to the joy, hilarity, rage, and heartache of this broken world, There Goes the Neighborhood fires on all cylinders and takes no prisoners."——Daniel José Older, New York Times best-selling author of Shadowshaper

There Goes the Neighborhood is part coming-of-age, part thrilling mystery, with a razor-sharp wit that cuts deep. This book radiates joy while not shying away from necessary truths."——Elise Bryant, author or Happily Ever Afters and One True Loves

There Goes the Neighborhood is the epitome of ‘for the culture.’ Adia’s debut is hilarious, heartfelt, and sometimes as bitter as it is sweet. With a trio of friends who will do anything to stay together and protect their community, you’ll discover a new found family to root for and a craving for all your favorite street food. A true love letter to the Block and its people."——Lane Clarke, author of Love Times Infinity