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Written in half journal, half novel style, Where She Fell is a modern version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Eliza is a 16 year old non-heroine who finds herself forced into a leadership role. Her life topside was no picnic, and staying underground has its advantages, but she misses her family. Can she find the strength to fight the odds and return home? Her journal entries are witty and honest. A quick read, this is a great summer or vacation book!

— Kim Vogel


Watch your step.

Eliza knows the legends about the swamp near her house -- that people have fallen into sinkholes, never to be seen again, maybe even falling to the center of the earth. As an aspiring geologist, she knows the last part is impossible. But when her best friends drag her onto the uneven ground anyway, Eliza knows to be worried.

And when the earth opens under her feet, there isn't even time to say I told you so.

As she scrambles through one cave, which leads to another, and another, Eliza finds herself in an impossible world -- where a small group of people survive underground, running from vicious creatures, eating giant bugs, and creating their own subterranean society. Eliza is grateful to be alive, but this isn't home. Is she willing to risk everything to get back to the surface?

About the Author

Kaitlin Ward grew up on a dairy farm in a tiny New Hampshire town, the same town where she lives now with her husband and son. She studied animal science at Cornell University and cofounded the well-known blog YA Highway. She is also the author of Where She Fell, Girl in a Bad Place, and Bleeding Earth. Find her on Twitter at @Kaitlin_Ward.
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ISBN: 9781338230079
ISBN-10: 1338230077
Publisher: Point
Publication Date: October 30th, 2018
Pages: 304
Language: English