Much To Do Before A Dog (Paperback)

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Koda's best friend is a dog. But, she does not have one of her own. Mommy made it clear that before they adopt a dog, Koda must prove that she is responsible enough to care for one. How will she do that?Through whimsical, hand-painted watercolors, at the age of 17, illustrator, Sheridan Blitz captures the determined journey of one little girl learning the sometimes agonizing meaning of responsibility with the reward of adopting a dog.This children's picture book, appropriate for ages 4 - 8 years old (and their readers), consists of 33 illustrations.

About the Author

Danny Blitz is Sheridan's mom who, knowing that her daughter was going to college soon, thought that "Much To Do Before A Dog" would be a great bonding farewell experience. Her next projects include a memoir and documentary about what she learned about parenting as a single mom by choice. Danny now lives alone with Sheridan's two dogs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her next pet may be a teacup pig. Visit: and for additional information. Sheridan Blitz illustrated and co-wrote "Much To Do Before A Dog" at the age of 17, just before going off to college to become a scientist. Learning the hard lessons of responsibility in order to have her own dog was a huge primer for real life. She is grateful for the experience and the opportunity to be the human to not only one dog but two.
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ISBN: 9780999082614
ISBN-10: 0999082612
Publisher: Blitz Family Productions
Publication Date: July 21st, 2017
Pages: 40
Language: English