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Become a smoother, faster, and better-conditioned skater-on asphalt and on ice. Speed on Skates, the most comprehensive and in-depth book ever written on in-line and ice speedskating, gives you the instruction and drills to master basic to advanced techniques.

Elite skater and coach Barry Publow combines the science and art of speedskating as he covers every discipline:

- In-line-indoor and outdoor
- Long track
- Short track
- Marathon skating

First, Publow explains and demonstrates the mechanics of efficient skating form with regard to basic body position, push-off, glide, stroke recovery, weight transfer, crossover steps, and turn mechanics for both in-line and ice speedskating. He also presents straightaway, cornering, and double-push drills plus advanced in-line techniques.

Next, Publow shares training methods proven to improve the quality of your workouts and produce the best skating performance. He breaks down the components of an effective conditioning program and highlights the most beneficial training exercises for skaters. Individual chapters focus on heart rate training, interval training, power training, building strength and muscular endurance, and stretching and flexibility. This section concludes with year-round training plans specifying off-season, preparatory phase, and competitive season activities and workloads for in-line and ice skaters.

Now that you're in shape to compete, Publow shifts his sights to racing. From selecting the proper equipment to using effective solo strategies and team tactics, you'll learn how to get the edge in both safety and speed

Equally valuable for first-time competitors and elite racers, Speed on Skates is the best and most complete guide to speedskating technique, training, and racing. A must for athletes, coaches too will find the book a valuable tool for training their skaters to a higher level of performance.

About the Author

Barry Publow-one of the most respected in-line coaches and athletes in Canada-is world-renowned for his expertise in the areas of technique and training application. He is the director of the Miller Canada Race Team as well as a team skater. He is also a two-time member of Canada's National Inline Speed Team, with whom he participated in the 1994 World Championships. Since 1993 he has been consistently ranked as one of the top five elite male skaters in Canada. As the National Inline Speed Team coach at the 1995 Pan American Games, Publow led his Canadian senior skaters to their best finish ever at an international event. And as the coach of the Toronto and Ottawa Inline Speedskating Clubs, he has worked with many of Canada's top elite and age-group skaters.Publow is also an accomplished ice speedskater and a fully certified ice speedskating coach. A regular staff writer for Fitness and Speed Skating Times, Publow makes his home in Ottawa, Ontario.
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ISBN: 9780880117210
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
Publication Date: December 1st, 1998
Pages: 352